About Me

24Me? A “Jack of All Trades, Master of None“. Being challenged, learning something new is how I would describe myself. My interests are many, they come and go, though some have stayed with me, and few even become my passion.

I love cooking, enjoy gardening and passionate about traveling. Photography is a favorite hobby; and since travels present many photographic opportunities, these two naturally go hand in hand. Developing an interest in making photo books was no surprised to me, as it presents a venue to showcase my photos in a creative way. Not to mention, they make perfect gift or mementos. Did I tell you, I also make DVD slide show? All these things keep me busy and allow me to enjoy my retirement..

Party planning, event coordinator, making floral arrangements for weddings, decorating were once my main focus. I even pursued them as a sideline business, but realized I’m happier if I keep them as a hobby where I have total control.

I started blogging in 2012 to share my experience and offer tips on travels, as well as showcase my photos, thoughts and feelings about life.

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love your photos, especially the interesting faces. I am an artist in mixed media and would like to use one or two as inspiration for my art. Please let me know how I may get your permission. Look at my website under mixed media, and you can see that my semi abstract style would not infringe on your photographs.


  2. Hi Marcia, I appreciate your comments and glad you like my photos. Could you please send me a link where I can see how you incorporated my photo in your art work? Am curious and love to see it. Thank you & best regards.


  3. Thanks for your comment and I really happy that you like it, it’s sound that you are really a busy person and I know you really enjoy all those thing . I’m retired and have all the time to travel, now I’m here in manila then next week ,in Phuket and so on until get tired. Good luck


    • Hi Mr Phillipines,
      Is’nt retirement great? You have all the time to do what you want, whenever you want or nothing at all. We’ve enjoyed traveling and made it a priority even while my husband and I were both working. We’ve been to Phuket, just a year before it got ravaged by the tsunami. It was one of our best trip with many wonderful experience and great.
      Have a safe travel.


  4. Mr Philippines,
    We are fortunate to have financial resources to pursue our thirst to travel. It’s a cliche that usually when you have time (either retired or unemployed), you have no money; OR when you have money (working), have no time. Unless of course, you are rich to begin with or have a successful business with free flow of money.



  5. Lena,
    I enjoyed your blog on Madrid. My husband and I will be in Madrid in August and we will use your blog as our guide. We usually to Europe during summer and then Asia in the winter. However, with my busy work schedule (excuses), I have not taken time to write a travel blog like you have. So thankful that you document your trips for others to enjoy. Can’t wait for retirement so we can do more travel. My husband is an engineer and an amateur photographer. He puts up beautiful pictures of our travel around the world on his website.

    I will continue to read your travel blog.


    • Hi Irene,

      I’m glad you found my blog on Madrid useful for your upcoming trip. I enjoy writing about our trips around the world to share our experience and give tips or suggestions that is helpful to other travelers. Thank you for signing up to follow my blog. I’ve written many blogs about our travels to Asia…Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong & Macau, Bali, Vietnam, Cambodia. Do check them out if you plan on going to any of these destinations, or at least, relive your memories. Happy travels.



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