Patience, a Virtue For Success

Patience, is a virtue one must have for there’s a reward to those who wait. I have to admit I’m still learning to be patient.  I’m always in a hurry and often get irritated when I have to wait…in line to pay, at the bank, downloading things in my computer, when placed on hold on the phone. I like to have instant reward, and see immediate results. Patience, or lack there of, could very well be the reason I have a compulsive, addictive behaviour or tendencies. When I start a project, I won’t stop until it’s completed or achieved the result. I work continuously for long hours, often , skipping  lunch or dinner; even refusing to take a bathroom break holding my bladder so full, it hurts and ready to burst. As I get older and with constant change in life’s priorities it became a bit easier to be patient. Being retired, I have the luxury of time  and it no longer is an issue. However, I sometimes become impatient hubby takes too long to answer a simple question. Oh well, that’s an integral part of me that I cannot completely changed.

Patience is good for your health. When you are impatient, you get easily irritated and feel stressed which makes your blood pressure, sugar cholesterol go up. You suffer from headaches, get tummy aches and other ailments.

Patience, or lack of it leads to hasty decisions. When you are impatient, you take actions or decisions without carefully thinking thru the pros and cons. As the saying goes, “haste makes waste”. Patience is key to success in life. You set goals, make plans, take action, then you wait. You’ve done your best, so let things take its course. When you’re not rushed, you think more clearly, and tend to make better choice or right decision.

Patience has its reward. When you plant a tree. It starts as a small plant, but over time, with proper care and nurturing it grows and mature. It then starts bearing fruits and rewarded with a bounty harvest.


Life, in general, is a waiting game…for the right time, the right place, the perfect partner, the perfect job.  


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