Tell Me

Tell Me, I want to know…

Tell me you love me. You might say I should know, I’d like to hear it anyway.  Those words are music to my ear and it feels good to hear you say it.

Thank you for everything.

I Love You!

Tell me you like it. Your feedback is important, otherwise I won’t know if my cooking, project, work, etc.  passed your approval.  Just as important, tell me when you don’t like it.  If you mean well, I will not be offended. I’ll take your opinion or comment as constructive criticism to help me improve, do better next time.

Did you like my homemade pizza?

Did you like my homemade pizza?

Tell me you care. For my well-being, my happiness, my success. It’s nice to know you are concern and that I matter to you.  It helps boost my self-esteem knowing I’m worthy of your attention.

Cambodia. Vietnam 182

Tell me you’re sorry and mean it. Nobody is perfect, we all make mistake. Don’t let pride gets in the way. Take responsibility for your wrong doing and apologize. Humility is a virtue which can take you farther along in life and helps build better relationship.

Sapa (49)

I’m sorry.

Tell me you are proud of me. Only then I’d know my hard work, my efforts, my achievements did not go unnoticed; and are good enough. That giving all my best is more important than the outcome.

I'm proud of you Dad, congratulations!

I’m proud of you Dad, congratulations!

Tell me I am good, but be honest. Your acknowledgement is important, serving as confirmation. Your recognition and praise are good for my ego, will keep me inspired, and motivated to continue pursuing (my interest, my hobby, etc.); or faced the truth and stop, for I’m just wasting my time.

You are so talented.

You are so talented.

Tell me I’m bad. The truth hurts, but it shows you care enough to let me know and give me the opportunity to change and make improvements to be a better person.

You should not have done that, it was bad and wrong.

You should not have done that, it was bad and wrong.

Tell me you need help. I’m here for you to lend a hand, support or whatever you need help with.. I can’t read your mind, so all you have to do is ask. It takes courage and humility to ask, but you’ll feel better to know you’re not alone.

Hoi An (9)

I could really use your help and thank you for being my friend.

Tell me thank you.. Don’t take for granted acts of kindness, generosity, help or favors. Show, express your gratitude and appreciation. Besides, being gracious is always a likable trait.

NY eve 2012 244

Thank you for the give-away money on New Year’s Eve.

TELL ME… don’t wait too long, for it may be too late.



9 thoughts on “Tell Me

  1. Rec’d via email
    The world would be a a better place if everybody learns to tell /express to
    each other the many virtues you have mentioned. If kids are taught at an early
    age, hopefully they carry it on all their lives and pass it on to the next
    Thanks for sharing.
    June 26 3:43pm


  2. I am really touched about your thoughts and how you express them. At this stage in our lives when we have gone through most of our lives – it is a welcome gesture to reveal ourselves and our deepest thoughts – people will always learn from them as we did.
    As I have expressed before – you don’t cease to amaze me.


    • Dear Corie,

      Thank you for your endearing comments and kind words. I find writing to express my inner self, feelings and thoughts to others very liberating. And if my reader(s), like you find it helpful that makes me very happy. Besides, it will help family and friends get to know me better. I notice getting older makes me more sentimental, and increasingly wanting to write more. Do you feel the same?

      Best regards.


  3. Hi Ade,
    I must say you are truly talented. I’m telling you now thatI enjoy your blog, your thoughts, most specially your artistry. Did it ever occur to you to be an artist as a profession? Anyway, you’re enjoying your passion at your own leisure time. I’ve been busy helping my son with their move. Haven’t had the chance to reply to my emails. I’ll have to babysit again tonight and tomorrow.

    Take care….


  4. Ignie,

    I’m enamored by your comments and words of praise. I don’t think my ability is on professional level, so it’s best I continue doing it as a hobby.

    All the best to you.


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