Why Not?

 Why Not? Two simple words, yet loaded and powerful with countless application or meaning.

Why not splurge, you deserve it. Accept a challenge. Do something you’ve never done before. Take the plunge. Try a food you’ve never eaten before. Have faith, fear not. Fall in love, follow your dream. Take the risk. Be brave, better yourself.  Indulge, eat to your heart’s delight, pamper yourself.

Life is short so enjoy while you can. Make and fulfill your bucket list before it’s too late. Spend your money, you can’t take it with you nor can buy you health.  Have quality and meaningful time with friends and family. Your chore will always be there, but your family and friends will not…so make time for them. Go ahead, say it…”I’m sorry, I love you, I apologize“.  Give back to the community in return for all your blessings and fortune. Volunteer, use your talent to help others.

An excellent justification or reply when you don’t really want to be bothered to explain your actions.  Simply utter these words, and you instantly get a sense of relief.  These words are universally accepted and will suffice.

“Why Not ” has become part of my regular vocabulary.  Somehow when I say these words, I feel empowered, and in control of the situation. I urge you, insist to start using these words. You may feel a difference in your life, in your attitude. If not now, when? So why not?

Here are some examples of my “Why Not ?”.


Getting all wet to experience the thrill of riding the Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls (US side).


For fun and adventure, climb and plunge into Ocho Rios Falls in Jamaica

NYC Metro Museum (3)

Take a bonding trip to the East Coast Tour with my siblings.


Swim with the Stingray at the sandbar in Grand Cayman.

Cambodia. Vietnam 117

Eat a bizarre food, fried toruntula at a specialty restaurant in Phom Penh, Cambodia.

Cabo San Lucas, June 2011 324a

Take a luxury vacation to celebrate my birthday in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Retirement Oct (2)

Take early retirement, and get busy doing things you love not because you have to.


Have a reunion and renew your friendship with former college mates (New Jersey)


Loose your inhibition, be crazy and have fun learning to “Belly Dance”.

Ang Wat (5)

Go thru our bucket list one at a time, one of them to see Angkor Wat Temples in Siem Reap, Cambodia


Take a class on cooking Vietnamese cuisines in Hoi An, Vietnam

2009...Laker,Remodel,Xmas 127

Fulfill my long time goal to remodel our 20 year old master’s bathroom.


Continue our long time (more than 30 yrs) family tradition of hosting New Year’s eve party every year


Volunteer at the hospital I used to work; dressed as Ring Master to deliver sweets to the Staff.


Celebrate my “BIG O” in a grand way….a themed party done Moroccan style!


Eat all you want, and want all you eat…in moderation.


9 thoughts on “Why Not?

  1. Dear Ade and Ramon… wow … as in WOW! What a collection of “whay nots”! Congratulations!
    And many thanks for always keeping me in the loop! All the best to your next “WHY NOT”!!! 🙂


    • Hi Nina,
      Thank you for your comments. I know you’re one who has been practicing the “Why Not” for so long. It has been part of you, there is no urgency as it applies to others who are so to speak, “late bloomers”.

      Take care.


    • Hi Lana,

      I know you’re the type who does not need the “Why Not philosophy” to do or make things happened. More power and all the best to you & Vinod in the next chapter of your life (in your beautiful new home).

      Best Regards.


    • Thank you for your comments on my recent blog. You’re one of those who do not need any excuse to do and/or make things happened, YOU JUST DO! Hope things are shaping up the way you want in your new home.

      Lena (aka) Ade


  2. Thanks for the memories and amazing journey with you and Mon. You’re a daring and brave woman who will do things extraordinarily and I salute you for that. More power to you my friend.


    • Thank you for those kind words. We feel blessed to have you as long time friends, and enjoy every moments we spend together. And look forward to every opportunity in the future.


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