Taste of Hoi An, It’s not…

If you think I’ll be talking about food and our culinary experience from this tour, you’re wrong. I’m sorry and apologize if you’re disappointed.

You see, I have a collection of photos I’ve wanted to share for sometime. I could not come up with an appropriate and/or “attention getter title”, until a switch clicked on. Why don’t I call it “Taste of Hoi An, It’s Not” since I took these photos during our walking tour. And no, the tour did not bore me. On the contrary, it was very interesting, entertaining and enjoyed every minute of it. I just have eyes that wander a lot looking for photographic opportunities.

Allow me to digress for a moment and give the Taste of Hoi An a free “infomercial”. It is one of the most popular tour in Hoi An and is always almost sold out and for good reason.  Neville, the owner, a native of Australia and now lives in Hoi An conducts this tour. The walking tour is entertaining, and gives one an informative introduction of Hoi An through its food and food culture. It includes a visit of a local market, and partaking over forty (40) different foods.  Do not miss this tour if you’re ever in Hoi An!

The youngest participant in our group was this beautiful, thirteen year old girl from Australia. The Owner/Tour guide was so impressed by her, as she devoured all the foods offered during the tour, he offered her for lifetime to join his tour for free  every time she is in Hoi An.

While the girl liked posing for pictures, the Owner’s assistant did not like her picture taken. She was shy, almost embarassed.and walked away when she noticed my camera pointing towards her.  With persistence, I managed to take few stolen photos.

Walking the streets of Hoi An in, I saw many more interesting faces I want to capture.


I was particularly intrigued by this woman, especially when she smiled and revealed her discolored, almost black teeth. For sure, tarnished over many years from chewing beetle nuts. Based on her facial expressions, it gave me a feeling she was “proud of her accomplishment”; almost synonymous when a person with gray hair appears to have a “distinguished look” as oppose to looking old.


4 thoughts on “Taste of Hoi An, It’s not…

  1. Very interesting, informative and enjoyable! So far, Lena you are the best tourist guide there is. The literature of your travel and the photos just match so well. You are a deep and informed person with so much zest for life and what it has to offer. I salute you. Now, I am really getting to know you on another level. Thanks for sharing. Mila


    • Hi Mila,

      Glad you are enjoying my blogs and thank you for your compliments! You can say, I’m sort of late bloomers as I only started writing few years ago. Positive comments from my readers serve as inspirsation to continue what I’m doing. Besides, what good would they be if not shared with others. It also keeps me active, mentally 🙂


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