Images of Vietnam: Its culture and simple way of life

Southeast Asia has been the focus of our travel recently, and Vietnam was one of them.  In March of 2012, spending more than three weeks, we worked our way to Vietnam from Cambodia. Starting from the south, we visited Ho Chi Minh City then proceeded to central area with stops at Hue, the Imperial City; and Hoi An to enjoy its ancient town and shopping. Our trip ended in Hanoi, to the north, with side trips to Halong Bay and Sapa Mountains.

During this trip I have many memorable experiences, adventures, gastronomic delights and saw many breathtaking sceneries and attractions. But what’s more endearing is learning a lot about the country’s culture and its people, which I hope I’ve been able to successfully capture with my camera. At least some of it. The images represent the essence of Vietnam, and what’s is all about. A simple way of life, hard-working, creative,  friendly and very welcoming to visitors of their country.

One would be hard pressed to not like Vietnam, and everything it has to offer.


8 thoughts on “Images of Vietnam: Its culture and simple way of life

  1. If not for the differences in the hats, these pictures would be identical to those of the Philippines. Yes, pictures are worth a “thousand” words.


  2. You truly have an eye for beauty. Every thing seems to come naturallly. Just had the chance to enjoy every bit of it. I salute you my dear Pakner..



    • Ignie,
      I appreciate your compliments Pakner! I’m happy to have found another way to share my photosand be able to add comments at the same time. As the saying goes, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”….glad you share my vision.



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