Captured Images of Vietnam: Children, pure of joy & innocence

I recently traveled to Vietnam for two weeks and shot many photos of the usual suspects; main tourist attractions of each destination we visited. No doubt, the beauty of Halong Bay is stunning, captivating and one of the highlights of our trip.  While the busy streets of Saigon packed with thousands of motorbikes are intimidating; Hue presents many impressive tombs and pagoda along the Perfume River. The ancient town of Hoi An and scenic drive over Hai Van pass cannot be easily forgotten. And Sapa Mountains, surrounded by terraced rice fields are breathtaking. A visit to the sunday Bac Ha market presented many photographic opportunities, especially of the colorful and vibrant outfits of women from various minority hill tribes.

But my favorite ones are those of its people, finding them more fascinating. These shots were taken mostly candid, and stolen to capture the subject’s  facial expressions, feelings and emotions in that  very moment in time.

Children are one of my favorite subject, for they project pure joy and innocence.

A little girl playing in a park in Cantho

Taken from a Floating Village school in Halong Bay

Taken from one of the shops in Old Quarter, Hoi An

Taken from one of the hill tribe villages in Sapa Mountains

A picture of pure joy & innocence portrayed on this little girl’s face

A stolen shot taken of a family in Ban Phovillage in Sapa

Taken while visiting Bac Ha Sunday market in Lao Cao Province

Taken during our trek to CatCat Village, Sapa Mountain


6 thoughts on “Captured Images of Vietnam: Children, pure of joy & innocence

  1. Hi Ade,
    Wow! You certainly captured a gamut of expressions and emotions ! Congratulations … one more time !!!Yes, Vietnam is always a thrill to visit. Te comments and pictures you shared made me recall my trip to Halong Bay and some of those areas you mentioned. I like the outfits of the children, too! Do keep us posted…!
    All the best, Niña


    • Hi Joy,

      Thanks for viewing my photo blogs and kind comments! I’ve always enjoyed taking photos and glad i found a way to share them with friends & families thru “blogging”.

      Best Regards


  2. Ade, these are great pictures! It’s truly a joy to see the beauty and the innocence of these children.
    Thanks for sharing,


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